About Tobias.

Curator, Interaction Designer, Coach

Tobias Kopka

Tobias Kopka is an enthusiastic program director, facilitator, and connector of people in the gaming industry and related fields. He runs a program agency under his label, curatomic, and works as a freelance program director and consultant. Since 2021, he has been directing or supporting projects such as Gamescom Congress, Reboot Develop, Gamesweek Berlin, devgamm, A Maze & devcom. On his creative side, he collaborates with VR Dance Club to create VR&Dance Performance pieces – and supports the industry and his peers as university taught Systemic Coach via personal coaching and mentoring.
Tobias has spearheaded some of the most prominent game developer conferences for over a decade, including Ludicious Zürich Game Festival, Reboot Develop, Quo Vadis, devcom, Next Level and Respawn – Gathering of Game Developers, always striving to improve relationships and the industry. He is a co-founder and regular contributor to pro bono projects, such as the European Game Showcase during GDC (est. 2017) and #ArtOfCoding (est. 2019), which brought the Demoscene as the first digital culture onto the list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage in Finland, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, aiming to expand its reach even further.
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