gamescom Congress 2021, 2022, 2023


On the horizon.

6 Stages, 2 Workshop and interaction rooms. Eight hundred visitors on site, everybody happy. For impressions and a few details see here.

Returning to 5 physical stages onstage with livestream coverage from the mainstage, successful rebound with lots of positive feedback for the program and direction

Switching from a physical 5-stage event to a live-stream digital event & changing the previous 2020 approach, which focussed on video on demand, towards a 100% online-live-experience
Massive success with 118.000 viewers and a significant length of stay

Role: Concept Advice, Program Direction, Speakers & Program

in collaboration with Boosterspace (event planning and project management)
in collaboration with game – the German Games Industry Association (Program structure & content)
on behalf of game and KoelnMesse


  • Program Advisory
  • Program Structure
  • Livestream Concept & Content