Welcome to Curatomic – Games of Connection.

Curatomic is a curation network for game events, a program agency, and a space for exploration and growth. We focus on improving our ability to connect with others and, hence, our ability to relate better to ourselves.

By being clear, aware, and connected, we can play a completely different game on every level – in business, creativity, and personal life.

For enabling excellent relationships, networking with ease, or going on stage to connect to an audience in a lasting way, personal development, and professional development blend into one.

Podcast: from obstacles and success

We are just preparing a podcast series on how personal and professional development blend into one when overcoming obstacles and challenges and moving forward to success.

As our background and work field is in the Games Industry, our guests are from game development, business, and technology, talking with enablers of successful games, game events, and game communities to inquire into the minds and mindsets of overcoming challenges and finding your way.

In addition, we will have interviews with and recommendations by people in personal development, leadership, HR, psychology, and related tangible approaches to tackling the obstacles leading to success.

Stay Up to Date

The first podcast episodes will be released in summer 2023 spring 2024. To be among the first to be informed when we share the first podcast sessions and posts, sign up for our newsletter, and I´ll give you a short notice when the first sessions are up! Thank you!

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